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Looking for top-rated marketing and motivation from your favorite podcast personality? Listen to recent episodes below.

How to Own Your Own Voice

In this episode of the You-est You podcast, I go deep with fellow author, TEDx speaker, and Life Designer, Julie Reisler! 

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • What it means to be a "unicorn" in a world of horses 
  • Why we over-schedule ourselves, and what to do if you're "too busy" 
  • How doodling helped me write my first book, and how it can help you too 

Featured Podcasts

I love talking about marketing, mindset, and motivation for aspiring entrepreneurs. Check out some of my recent podcast interviews below.

Corporate Dropout Story

Check out my escape from the 9-to-5. Learn how I recovered from a corporate layoff to bounce back and build a thriving online marketing company and author my first book. 


Getting Started with SEO

On this episode of the Creativepreneur Podcast, we teach you how to get up to speed with Search Engine Optimization in 6 simple steps. Great for SEO beginners! 


Branding Best Practices

Want to learn the importance of niching down when you're launching a new brand? How about what it's like inside the brain of an entrepreneur? Take a listen to this episode!


"Kelly Cochran was an incredible guest on my show because of her amazing energy, vulnerability, authenticity, and deep wisdom on how to draw outside of the lines in life. To go loud, or go home. This was one of my most popular interviews on You-est You, and there's no doubt that Kelly, and her book, and her loud and proud words, will add awesome value to your podcast or show!"

Julie Reisler
The You-est You Podcast

"Kelly was so much fun to interview on my podcast! She brings the energy with real-life stories that no one likes to talk about, but secretly they're begging to hear. Maybe we can do a Dropout follow-up because I'd love to have her on again."

Lauren Allen
Corporate School Dropout

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I absolutely love inspiring audiences through podcasting. Here are some of my favorite things to talk about:

  • MARKETING: Branding, SEO, eCommerce, web design, launching a web-based business, driving organic traffic and leads

  • MINDSET: How to conquer imposter syndrome, how to go from a corporate job to being your own boss, how to be less busy and more productive
  • MOTIVATION: How to conquer fear, how to gain confidence, how to harness your strengths, how to turn your passions into a viable business

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