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"LOUD: Silence Your Critics & Turn Up The Volume On Your Life" officially launches on Amazon on September 17, 2019. Grab your signed copy now before it's available to the public!


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What Readers Are Saying:

"I definitely laughed out loud a handful of times! Kelly's writing style was perfect for the tone and topic of the book, and I love the weaving in of little personal anecdotes and public figures."

Stephanie W.
Denver, CO

"I read the first few chapters on a plane, and I flew through them! I took a screen shot of multiple things that resonated with me, especially when Kelly writes, 'Your fears are holding your loved ones back from realizing their full potential.' So powerful!"

Megan B.
Eastlake, CA

"Bottom line: incredible. I have so many positive things I want to say, but I’ll totally get carpal tunnel typing them all out!"

Charlena S.
Baltimore, MD

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If you are looking to get unstuck, leave a toxic relationship or crappy job, or simply start tuning into your own loudest inner voice, this book is a MUST READ.

The Ultimate Playbook for Women Who Want More

Are you sick & tired of living your life on mute?

  • Are you trapped in a dead-end job or toxic relationship?
  • Are you struggling with depression because you have moulded your life to look exactly how society expects, even though your soul is craving something completely different?
  • Has navigating the male-dominated bureaucracy of a corporate career proven a little more difficult because of your anatomy?
  • Have you been taught to simply play nice, to sit still and look pretty, to just be quiet and behave?

Kelly Cochran gets it.

From fighting sexual harassment in the workplace to muffling her opinions in romantic relationships, Kelly spent years subconsciously ignoring her own inner counsel, with hilariously detrimental results.  

In this candidly humorous memoir, Kelly unveils an unfiltered look at her precarious dating life, battles with climbing the corporate ladder, and friendships won and lost.

LOUD: HOW TO SILENCE YOUR CRITICS & TURN UP THE VOLUME ON YOUR LIFE is an intimate look at the moments in life that ultimately define adulthood, womanhood, and self-confidence.


Kelly Cochran, Author

Kelly Cochran is an entrepreneur, public speaker, and digital marketing expert who helps women create badass brands online. When she isn't writing at her home office in San Diego, California, you can find her traveling the globe or drinking at her local wine bar.


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