Unlock Your Group's Greatest Potential

How would it feel to shape a shared future, solve complex problems, capture massive opportunities, and transform culture at your next company or team event?

Boring Meetings? Not anymore!

As the leader of an organization, do you know how best to leverage the strengths, passion and purpose of your team in a fun and meaningful way? Hint: it's not by talking at them from the front of the room.

Using the XCHANGE strengths-based approach, I facilitate events that harness the genius of your collective organization. From board meetings to company-wide all hands, I choreograph a safe and playful space where every member of the team is encouraged to bring their best and brightest ideas to the table.


Events That Wow

Do you remember the last conference you attended? I'm guessing it involved a never-ending lineup of speakers who just talked at you for hours. You probably went home overwhelmed by information overload (and a slight headache).

Let me help you design a live event that encourages maximum attendee participation, connection, and breakthroughs. If you lead retreats, conferences, or mastermind groups, you owe it to your attendees to design an event that will leave them spellbound.


Creating Exponential Outcomes

Discover XCHANGE, the evidence-based methodology that hundreds of organizations use to bring out the very best in any group, faster, more naturally, and more effectively than ever before.

Conversations That Change Lives

Most companies and event organizers simply hire a keynote speaker to inspire from stage. As an XCHANGE facilitator, I am able to unlock the collective wisdom that already exists within your group of attendees.

Intentional Questions

Imagine a group of peers answering questions about when they have been at their best, and then leveraging those strengths to create a positive vision for their future. How powerful would that be?

Connection & Inclusion

By providing psychological safety, every member of the group feels comfortable sharing and participating. Each person creates lasting connections and feels a deep sense of inclusion in the tribe.

Future Visioning

What would the best future of your company or team look like if you harnessed the best ideas from the entire group? Imagine if every single member had buy-in to that shared vision? It can happen!


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